Month: May 2016

Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 34:  1st camping trip of the season.

Both the boys love to camp.  We went to Fisherman’s Island State Park for Memorial Day weekend.  Packed us all up along with the two dogs.  They ate hot dogs and chips on the beach, goofed off, got dirty, and ran in and out of the freezing cold water.




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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 33: Summer is officially here.  We have seedling harding, the hose hooked up, the garden ready for planting and my perennials herbs are growing in nicely. When I am working on getting everything done, Gordon is riding one of his multiple bikes.


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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 31: Getting read for a garden

Now that I am home with the boys, I am able to pursue more of my passions.  Many years I have set aside my own wants and needs for others.   This has been a big life change for me and has encouraged me to be able to be passionate about things that before may not of taken priority because of circumstances.  I grew up gardening.  My family gardened, my grandfather did.  It was a way of life.  I have been looking into self sustaining and permaculture.  Eventually I want to live on a self sustained farm.  Right now we are starting our first large scale raised bed that will hopefully teach the boys the ability to grow their own food and understand the meaning of the connection of caring for the earth.  Oh, and simplifying life as we go.





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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 29 & 30:

These were shot at the same time – I apologize. We have a new puppy in our life, Hank.  Gordon is a sharer and really likes to draw in the pups with his food.  (Which we obviously don’t allow)  Hank is a character and fits perfectly into our family.  Toots is still avoiding but also has a bit of playful run around with him.  She still needs her space.  Hopefully soon, these two will be a bunch.



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