Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 25 & 26:

Momma’s little helper.  I usually schedule doing the dishes around the time when Gordon is preoccupied.  It could be watching a movie but mostly, eating or napping.  If you attempt to do anything when he is around, he will help.  Unloading isn’t usually a problem.  I give him the silverware basket and open the door.  Here he is helping me load – he even got out the soap.  I can’t wait till he is old enough to cook with me.


A new friend.  We had an offer for a puppy we couldn’t refuse.  We didn’t have it planned out but since I am home now and the offer was on the table we went for it.  There wouldn’t be any better time to go through the puppy stage.  He is a 3/4 Boston Terrier and 1/4 French Bulldog.  He fits perfectly into our family.  His name is Hank, born on Jan 29th, 2016.  Toots is still getting used to him and we are allowing her to have her space when needed.  I am betting in no time they will be best buds.


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