Month: February 2016

Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 20:

A boy and his dog – He loves this pup.  He snuggles her, sits with her, reads to her and gives her kisses.  If any kid needed a dog, it’d be this one.  He has such a love for her.  Concerned if she is outside by herself too long, hugs her when she is laying by herself.  He has such a warm heart.


Week 21:

This kid is obsessed.  He lives and breaths nerf guns.  He watches youtube videos, scouts goodwills and is always looking for something new or even old.  Our arsenal is big and you can pretty much find nerf darts all over our house.


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Week 18 & 19: Adventures of a boy

Week 18:  Apple Chips

This child never stops eating.  After our morning vacuuming, we will do dishes, clean up the kitchen, get the laundry going and figure out our mid-morning snack.  Lately I have been making a lot of dried fruits, fruit leather, yogurt and granola.  Gordon is the opposite of Graham.  He loves anything with bold flavors, spice doesn’t even phase him.  I love this boys appetite.



Week 19: Brothers

These two have a special bond.  I was a bit worried having kids so far in age, but it has worked out great.  They still have some rivalries like any other siblings but generally they play well together.


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Week 16 & 17: Adventures of a boy

Week 16:  New adventure

This week life became less complicated.   I get to watch you nap everyday, fix you fresh lunches, tuck you in and take you on adventures.  We will have a lot of adjusting to do but I think we will be okay.



Week 17:  At Home

You are definitely a goofball. Especially in the morning.  You laugh, play, hide, joke and sometimes the best moments are when you find the comfort in lounging in the laundry basket while I fold laundry.  You even added a pillow for cushion.



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