Month: January 2016

Project 52: Adventures of a boy.

Week 15: Brothers

The boys still enjoy bathing together.  I know one day Graham will feel he is too old to take a bath with his little brother who likes the splash too much and hit him when he isn’t looking.

Until then, I will enjoy watching them playfully spit water at each other, blow snot bubbles out their noses and laugh – I will even try to enjoy the screaming that pierces my eardrums.



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Project 52: Adventures of a boy.

Week 14: A mind of his own.

He crawls and climbs on everything.  He generally likes to be in or on top of something.  I keep reminding myself to keep my camera ready for the next time he decides to plop in the laundry basket and starts acting silly to get some laughs.

There are certain things about him that just make me smile.  The smirk he gives when he is waiting to see your reaction, how the tip of his nose is slighting pointed down, how his eyes light up and his forehead wrinkles – the way he grips his bottle with one hand and stands tall with the underpart of his belly hanging out. Those eyes.  I could keep going on and on for days.  As much as this little guy tests me ever nerve and my ability to be a good parent, I adore him equally or even more.




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Project 52: Adventures of a boy.

Week 13: sleepy time movie

There is only 1 movie that really holds Gordon’s attention.  It was a life saver when he was teething and then part way through xfinity took it off their on demand list as a free movie.

Santa was wonderful enough to bring him a copy for Christmas this year and so when the moment calls and we have a grumpy refusing to nap Gordon, Despicable me 2 gets put on.

This is generally how it ends after being zoned out for a few minutes.  I have grown to adore this movie.





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