Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 7: Monkey

We never named him, he just so happened to become a very important part of Gordon’s life.  When he started daycare, he was allowed a small lovey or blanket from home to nap with.  He quickly took to this monkey that I had grabbed quickly while running into the store.  I embroidered his name onto it.  He is being less dependent on the monkey as he gets older but this week he has been looking for him more often.  I love the way he fell asleep squeezing him tightly.  Greg and Graham where out picking up dinner Saturday night when I got him ready for bed and he fell sleep ever so sweetly on the couch before they got home.


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4 thoughts on “Project 52: Adventures of a boy

  1. There is something achingly sweet about the favorite friend who is loved so hard and so fiercely for what turns out to be such a short time…but I’m one of those people who cries buckets during Toy Story….

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