Month: November 2015

Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 8 – Happy Thanksgiving:

Every year I attempt to get a photo of the boys.  This year wasn’t any different than last so I rolled with it.  Sitting on the steps just being their goofy selves.  Gordon of course was snacking. I don’t think that kid ever stops eating, don’t let his size fool you.



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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 7: Monkey

We never named him, he just so happened to become a very important part of Gordon’s life.  When he started daycare, he was allowed a small lovey or blanket from home to nap with.  He quickly took to this monkey that I had grabbed quickly while running into the store.  I embroidered his name onto it.  He is being less dependent on the monkey as he gets older but this week he has been looking for him more often.  I love the way he fell asleep squeezing him tightly.  Greg and Graham where out picking up dinner Saturday night when I got him ready for bed and he fell sleep ever so sweetly on the couch before they got home.


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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 5: Sick child

Gordon’s been sick all week.  Down for the count is an understatement.  He has had some sort of stomach virus which keeps giving. We haven’t done that much laundry in a while.  He finally seems to be on the mend after a lot of napping, whining and a ton of love.  Poor guy.



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Project 52: Adventures of a boy

Week 4: Halloween, Trick or Treat

I love Gordon’s age for Halloween.  I am able to pick out and dress him up without much protest.  This year he went as chuckie.  It was fairly inexpensive, some face make up (my lip liner), hair color, an old pair of Pj’s that worked as a shirt and some new overalls.  Graham decided he wanted to be something scary, but when we got to looking – He said the scariest he could be was a skull faced commander.  His favorite thing about Halloween this year was selling his candy to grandma for new nerf guns.



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