Project 365: Week 45

304/365 growing up


305/365 favorite


306/365 helper


307/365 lunch


308/365 late night campfire


309/365 beach time


310/365 relaxing


Please follow the circle to Andrea


4 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 45

  1. I really like the perspective from inside the tent- it’s a great point of view. And the fact that the dog is hanging out in there while the people are outside is kind of funny.

    1. Thank you!! I was actually packing the tent up and it came to me. I quickly grabbed my camera. Toots is very much a loner dog. There were too many dogs around us for her comfort so she was relaxing in the tent with me.

  2. Awesome photos. Love your camping ones so much. I see Gordon is bitting the crib now I remember when he couldn’t even reach there.

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