Project 365: Week 14








Please follow the circle to Jennifer


5 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 14

  1. Oh my gosh I love all of these!!! The modeling shot – I die 🙂 So adorable I can’t handle it! And the one of your family in bed – perfect. So much happy and love there ❤

  2. Wonderful week of images! I can’t pick a favorite. I love that you included the whole family, and the facial expression in that first image- I can’t quite tell if it’s fear or awe, or just great curiosity. And the neckerchief on Day 96? Cute isn’t even enough.

  3. Great images this week! I just love the little leg in the air shot. There is something about little chubby baby legs in socks! 🙂 The lighting is lovely as well.

  4. Gordon had a play date that is so cute. Love the feet in the air shot too. The family on the bed pic is a favorite. I see that Graham falls asleep anywhere in the house thats comfy.

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