Project 365: Week 12








Please follow the circle to the talented Jen.


4 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 12

  1. Look at your boys they are so cute. I see they are sitting nicely together in one photo and in the other one big brother is getting his face scratched up. Yep its starting prepare yourself. Mommy tell the baby to leave me alone… etc. Lovely photos Pam I enjoyed the weekly peep into your night.

  2. All your images this week are so wonderful- I love that you are capturing the relationships in your family so well. The boys and the baby with his dad-sweet. That bath picture made me laugh and there is something about the photo in the restaurant that really draws me in- besides the way the light falls on his face, the composition with the water glass in the foreground and the other diners in the background that really adds atmosphere.

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