August 13′ | kids were here

This is the last month my son is a preschooler.  It seems like life changes so quickly and the last five years have gone by fast.  Graham, I cherish you, you are my heart.  Never lose the creativity, compassion and love that you have. This change has helped me see the details instead of bypassing the obvious while documenting for this blog project.

I love you booshe.





Please follow our blog circle to my fellow photog, Meredith.



5 thoughts on “August 13′ | kids were here

  1. I enjoyed your post :). Last mo as a preschooler :(. My favorite is the markers in the glass :). Doesn’t every little boy need superheroes in their room?

  2. I like the markers image. Once in school the sudden need to craft doesn’t happen as much. I was looking at all my craft stuff thinking the same thing yesterday.

  3. My son is just starting preschool – his room is great! I love the little mower in the front yard though I think he missed some spots. 😉

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